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Dr. Dylan Smith serves as owner and chiropractic physician at Iowa Back Pain Center. Dr. Smith received his BA from the University of Northern Iowa in Exercise Science and Kinesiology. He then Graduated Cum Laude from Logan University’s College of Chiropractic. Dr. Smith also holds a Masters in Sports Science and Rehabilitation.

He specializes in family care, acute and chronic back pain, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation and human performance, as well as the diagnosis of spine and extremity conditions. His approach to care includes chiropractic care, functional training, sports rehabilitation, dry needling, strength and conditioning and take home exercises allowing for the patients full involvement in their treatment plan.

Dr. Smith spent many years performing as a high level athlete and understands how important full body health can be in everyday life and athletics. He has spent years training with athletes from little league baseball players all the way up to Olympians and NFL players.

Dr. Smith is TPI level 1 certified, allowing him to work closely with golfers on the human performance of their game.

Dylan is a proud member of the West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce. In addition to treating his patients, he enjoys family time, being outdoors hiking, camping and hunting. He also enjoys traveling and golfing.

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